Round Table Discussions

Our informative Round Table discussion are designed for peer-to-peer conversation on topics impacting yoru title company each and every day.  Indicate your choices on your registration form for the Round Table Topics below.


Server Environments: Join this discussion about implementing servers in varying environments. Bring your success stories as well as your challenges as we talk about about operating systems, deployment methods, registry issues, performance issues and more.

Is My Company Working Effectively?  Share tips and tricks to streamline operations.

Effective Training: Tips and techniques for the best ways to train a new employee on RamQuest.

Legislative Chat:  What are the newest regulations that are impacting change in the title industry? How will CFPB impact us and how will it affect RESPA?  Bring your regulatory concerns, questions and insight and let's talk peer to peer!

High Tech Toys:  How are you using the latest and greatest tech toys in your business?  This is the table to talk about tips and tricks for integrating tech toys into your business, your cool apps and your website.  

Dashboard: Advanced Users Chat: Were you one of the first to implement RamQuest’s workflow dashboard?  Are you ready to go beyond the basics?  Join other advanced users for this discussion.

Short Sales Discussion: Short sales are becoming all too common in our industry today. Let's gather around and talk short sales! What are short sales, what are some Red Flags you should be watching for and get tips from fellow colleagues in our industry?

File Tracking and File Flow:Tracking and File Flow are valuable tools for managing workload and knowing where a file is in the process. Are you getting the most out of them?  Join this insightful discussion about these tools and how they can be used in today's title operations.

Let's Talk Judicial and Foreclosure:  Is your office preparing Judicials Reports for foreclosure firms, and you want to know how you can utilize RamQuest to complete this?  Then join this table as we discuss how a company can use RamQuest from order entry all the way through to paperless closer in a judicial foreclosure department.

Closing Market Mobile:  Could reaching customers on their smart phones be a smart move for your company? Discuss ways to make Paperless Closer and Closing Market available on the go. 

Modern Marketing: .How do you reach new customers and maintain existing relationships in today's fast-paced world? Is it social media, email blasts, or still good old-fashioned word of mouth? Talk with other title professionals about the latest trends in marketing and how to integrate them into your business!


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