Round Table Discussions

Our informative Round Table discussion are designed for peer-to-peer conversation on topics impacting your title company each and every day.  Indicate your choices on your registration form for the Round Table Topics below.

Communicate Electronically with Your Underwriters- How are you electronically communicating with your underwriters? What works and what doesn't? What needs to be improved? Share your thoughts and hear the ideas of other users.

Control Files and Check Lumping – Check lumping allows an automated transfer of funds to a designated file. RamQuest users benefit from this for things such as segregating underwriter funds or moving various fees to a control file until it’s time to write the check. Could this process help you streamline your check writing and escrow accounting?

Considering Conversion to RamQuest One? – Not quite sure when you should make the leap to RamQuest One? Join other users also considering conversion and discuss your questions, concerns, training needs, and various other topics that may be useful when deciding to move forward with RamQuest One.

Dashboard Advanced Users Chat - Were you one of the first to implement RamQuest’s workflow dashboard? Are you ready to go beyond the basics? Join other advanced users for this discussion.

File Tracking/File Flow - Tracking and File Flow are valuable tools for managing workload and knowing where in the process a file is. Are you getting the most out of them? Join this insightful discussion about these tools and how they can be used in today's title operations.

Fraud/Risk Reduction – What processes do you have in place to reduce your chances of fraud? Which RamQuest tools have you implemented to protect your company?  Bring your ideas and learn from others about ways to minimize risk for your business. 

Is My Company Working Effectively? - Come and share your tips and tricks to streamline operations.

Legislative Chat - What is next on the horizon for regulatory change in the title industry? How will CFPB and the RESPA/TILA changes impact us?  Bring your regulatory concerns, questions and insights, and let's talk peer to peer!

Modern Marketing - How do you reach new customers and maintain existing relationships in today's fast-paced world? Is it social media, email blasts, or still good old-fashioned word of mouth? Talk with other title professionals about the latest trends in marketing and how to integrate them into your business!

Operations – “Operations” can cover a wide variety of job dutiesm frin day-to-day production to big-picture planning. How does RamQuest help with this? Are there reports you could be using more effectively? Ways to manage workflow while staying competitive in the marketplace? Share ideas with others who wear the "Operations" hat.

Server Environments - Join this discussion about implementing servers in varying environments. Bring your success stories as well as your challenges as we talk about operating systems, deployment methods, registry issues, performance issues and more!

Staying Compliant By now, you’ve already taken steps to be compliant with ALTA Best Practices. With ongoing training, maintaining updated written procedures and all the other nuances of Best Practices, how do plan to stay compliant? 

Strategic Use of PaperlessCloser - Discover the benefits of PaperlessCloser. Come talk about how to market it, how to get people on board and how other operations are using it today.

System Admin Meet with other system administrators to discuss ways to use CCSupervisor and other tools available in RamQuest to ensure your company is running smoothly.

Templates – Templates can be a great way to eliminate the need to rekey commonly-used information or store data for repeat customers. Join us as we discuss the various ways setting up template files can increase efficiency and reduce time and errors.

Training Table – Join us as we discuss various aspects of training, from adding new users to larger-scale conversions and implementations. What methods have others successfully used to meet their training needs? Are there products or procedures that can help make this task more efficient?

User Security – Are you utilizing user security groups to ensure your users can safely access areas of the software necessary for their job but not cause chaos in other areas? Are there certain red flags and settings you’ve learned about the hard way? Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of available security settings within CCSupervisor.

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