Conference Schedule & Session Descriptions


Sunday,  March 6                                                                                                                                      

 5:00 - 7:00      Registration/Happy Hour (cash bar) in Hotel Bar

Monday,  March 7                                                                                                                                      

  7:00 -  8:00      Registration
  8:00 -  8:30      Breakfast
  8:30 -  8:45      Welcome & Introductions
  8:45 - 10:00     Keynote Address - Anne Anastasi

The Ethics of Challenging Times

The economic downturn has affected all industries for the past 2 years but possibly none more so than the real estate related service providers.  The continued pressure on a company’s bottom line has caused some to panic and consider doing things that they could have easily rejected in the early part of this decade.


The Realtors, lenders and builders are all facing similar challenges in keeping their doors open and some have come to the title industry asking for inappropriate behavior on our part, possibly without knowing the legalities or illegalities of their request.


Talking about the requests and understanding why some of these requests cannot be met will help us all stand together in our responses so that we can maintain the high levels of integrity enjoyed by the title insurance industry for over a century.


Revisiting our value will make you once again appreciate our worth and emphasis the importance we bring to the process of insuring real estate and to the welfare of consumers

 10:00 -10:30     Break with Exhibitors 
 10:30 -11:45     Concurrent Sessions - Group 1

What Does "Paperless" Really Mean?
You get the concept of paperless but you also know that, realistically, it is hard to go 100% paperless.  So what can you do? How “paperless” can your organization become?  And how do you get as far as you can go?  Join us as we answer these questions and give you some additional insight about how to take your office paperless.

Effective Marketing Concepts and Techniques
Are you prepared for the competitive changes that are occurring around you right now?  Are the new HUD rules pushing you out of the market?  Is your customer base growing or shrinking?  All good questions.  The market has changed and continues to change.  Most title owners question where the market’s ups and downs and the competitive landscape will leave them.  Learn how you can protect your customer base, dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness and grow market. 

CC Scheduler
Are you using CC Scheduler?  If not, this is the class for you.  Join the RamQuest traning team for this indepth overview of all of the features and “cool” things that CC Scheduler enables including the flexibility of being able to view all closing transactions in one central location instead of using multiple, independent calendars.

Reports 101 and Basic Report Troubleshooting
Join us for this hand-on overview where you will learn to create a basic report within CC Reports. Bring your laptop as we will have connectivity in the room and then you can create your own report as we go!  We will discuss what information to include, how to pull in the data you need and how to add custom branding elements (like a logo) to your reports to stand out with your customers. We will also review RamQuest’s standard reports and show you how to modify them to meet your company’s needs. 
Prerequisite: Basic experience with RamQuest’s Report Writer

11:45 - 12:30    Lunch
12:30 - 1:45      Concurrent Sessions - Group 2

The Business Case for Diversification  
The word “diversify” has become ubiquitous throughout the title insurance industry, as it continues to be touted as a kind of panacea for the market troubles devastating businesses around the country. While diversifying appears to have become almost a necessity for staying in business, the challenge to any company considering such a move is try to figure out how to do so in a way that will stabilize, rather than distress their business. Our goal is to stimulate an open dialog to provide you with a thought process to explore the diversification options for your company.

Closing Market I
If you are new to the Closing Market digital network or if you would like to see how Closing Market could benefit your operation, join us for this session as we show you how to setup Closing Market Trading Partner Relationships, how to establish Routing Rules, etc. We will also discuss how to integrate Closing Market into your work flow and include overview of using some of our most popular Closing Market services including the Closing Protection Letter, FEDEX, Notary Signatures and eRecording applications. We will show you how Closing Market can be put to work for your business for time savings, increased efficiency, improved effectiveness and cost savings by eliminating dual data entry and reducing the time spent communicating with vendors.

Is My Company Working Efficiently?
Are you effectively using the tools that you have at your fingertips or are they simply there, gathering dust?  If you are ready to put those tools to work then join us for this session where we will show you how to use Templates, Type of Order, Documents and File Scan (just to name a few) to improve the efficiency of your processes.

Reports 201 and Advanced Report Troubleshooting
Join us for this session where we will take report building to the next level.  This session will address the more advanced concepts needed to design custom reports and participants are encouraged to bring your laptop so that you can apply the concepts as you go. 
Prerequisite: Reports 101 or equivalent experience using CC Reports.

1:45 - 2:30     Round Table Discussions - I
2:30 - 3:00     Break with Exhibitors
3:00 - 3:45     Round Table Discussions - II
3:45 - 5:00     Concurrent Sessions - Group 3

Operations Workflow
Understanding RamQuest's new Workflow Dashboard (combining File Tracking and File Status) will be essential to maximizing your business.  This session will provide an introduction to this new tool and will show you how you can track turnaround time for orders, track ownwership of orders, manage employee workloads and create a workflow representative of and specific to your organization's unique needs.

Closing Market II 
This session will be a step by step overview of all of the Closing Market integrations (both LOS and service provider).  So if you have been wondering how one of the integrations on the Closing Market network works or you would like to use Closing Market more but are not sure how to get started, this is the session for you.  This session will also include a general Closing Market Q&A session and an opportunity for users to suggest other possible Closing Market integrations for RamQuest to explore.

Escrow Recon 101 
Would you like to know how to take information from your file within CCE and balance with your bank statements?  Would you like to know how to better manage your escrow accounts and make audit preparation less stressful and more efficient? Then join us for this informative session where we will have an in-depth discussion of reconciliation within CCE and also show you how to use RamQuest’s Positive Pay and eBank Reconciliation in your reconciliation process to minimize risk. 

Understanding a Client Server Based Environment
Join us for this in-depth overview of the top issues reported to RamQuest’s Technical Team during a Client Server Based RamQuest installation.  Some of the topics that will be included are correcting mistakes to indexing, and web/network problem solving and solutions to alleviate support issues and to increase system performance and response time.  We will also open up the discussion to a topic of increasing interest – implementing RamQuest within Virtual Machine Environments – and share how other clients are succeeding in these endeavors.

5:00 - 6:30     Happy Hour in the Exhibit Hall


Tuesday, March 8                                                                                                                                      

 8:00 - 8:30     Breakfast 
 8:30 - 9:45     Concurrent Sessions - Group 4

eRecording:  What happens in the Cloud?
eRecording is no longer the “new technology” with over 500 counties nationwide accepting documents electronically.  However, there are still questions regarding what happens when there is a problem and a document gets rejected.  This session will give you an update on the latest information from the Property Industry Recording Association (PRIA).  We will also discuss how the eRecording process integrates with the workflow at the local Clerk/Recorder office and discuss some common causes of document rejection and how to avoid them.

Tech Answers for Web Based Solutions
Join RamQuest for this overview of all of the aspects of the installation and setup of RamQuest’s web-based products PaperlessCloser, Closing Market and RateQuoter, etc.  This session will also feature discussions on data integrity, web forms, email notification and SSL certs.

Enhancements Forum
Do you have a million ideas floating around in your head about how to improve the RamQuest solution but never have anyone to discuss those ideas with?  Well, dust off that spreadsheet and get ready because this is the session for you.  Compile those great ideas and make sure you don’t miss this JAD session and the invaluable opportunity to be heard and give input to the ideas of others.

Documents 101 and Basic Document Troubleshooting
Bring your laptop for this hands-on session and learn the basic skills needed to create a document. In this session you will learn how to create documents to fit your operation’s needs  Specific topics covered will include Merge Fields, Stored Procedures, Prompts, If/Then Statements, Document Security, Document Categories and Document Packages.

 9:45 - 10:15     Break with Exhibitors
10:15 - 11:00    Round Table Discussions

11:00 - 12:15    Concurrent Sessions - Group 5

Turning Closers Into Openers
It has been said that selling is a great solution to nearly any business problem.  When the entire team becomes a part of the outreach, then major advancements take place.  During this session, Darryl Turner will share proven steps to help closers go from closing deals to helping open additional transactions as well.  This session will help you turn your “closers into openers” by offering strategies for selling from behind the desk and is a must for Closers and Owners alike. 

Standard Configuration, Maximum Voltage
How, without system customization (just unique configuration and custom reporting) can you achieve amazing result?  Hear from RamQuest users who have optimized the output of their systems using methods available to you and your company.  How do you leverage existing data into more meaningful metrics?  Are there ways to automate beyond what you already use? 

Let’s Talk Texas
Are you a RamQuest User in Texas and wish you had a forum with other Texas users?  Then this is the session for you! Frequently, Texas customers have specific questions and requirements that do not apply to other ALTA states.  This session will provide a forum for this Texas-specific dialogue.

Documents 201/Advanced Document Troubleshooting
If you have mastered the basics of document creation and want to take your documents to the next level, then this is the class for you! Bring your questions and your laptop to his hands-on class that will be an open dialogue between attendees and some of the RamQuest specialists that will be on hand to work troubleshooting and questions on advanced document creation. 

 12:15 - 1:15    Lunch
 1:15 - 2:30      Concurrent Sessions - Group 6

Centralize Your Process
Do you ever wonder how much of your RamQuest system you are really using? Or what you should be using that you are not?  Join us for this session and find out!  We will cover how to setup and effectively use regions and branches, how to impact your workflow in a more streamlined fashion with a review of your electronic workflow and how to effectively use File Tracking, File Status and Reports in your daily processes. 

“Wish List” Open Forum
Do you have ideas or suggestions for enhancements for future releases?  This is your chance to voice them to the RQUG Enhancement Committee for consideration.

Alphabet Soup: RESPA, CFPA and the NAIC Data Call
Practically speaking, what do all of these regulatory changes mean for your business and your RamQuest system? What will you have to do to implement them? And, more importantly, what will you want to do to make these legislative changes work for your business?

Get the Most From Shortcuts
Use your mouse less!  Join our instructors as they help you understand general Windows and PC shortcuts in addition to CCE shortcuts and show how you can effectively use these within your RamQuest solution.

 2:30 - 3:00     Grand Prize Drawing Break with Exhibitors
 3:00 - 4:15     Concurrent Sessions - Group 7

Use RamQuest to Market your Business
Join us for this discussion where we will talk about marketing your business – how to set yourself apart, how to gain competitive advantage and how to increase your market share and how RamQuest’s tools (Paperless Closer, Closing Market, Rate Quoter and Report Scheduler) can help you do this.

Top 10 Non-Tech FAQs
Where do I go to get a RamQuest update?  How am I notified of an update?  Where can I find answers to frequently asked support questions? Join us for an overview of these questions and more as we explore these non-tech support questions and their answers.  This session will also feature a “guided tour” of RamQuest’s new website and all if it’s customer tools. 

Admin/Configuration Tune-Up
Join us for this overview of CCE Admin and Supervisor Settings.  During this session we will look at how to use User/Group Settings and System Settings and help you understand what to and what not to restrict, how to use clean up tools, templates, security access and more!

CSS: What is it and how do you Use It?
You have heard the name but maybe have not been sure exactly what to do with it. Did you know that with the new 2010 HUD, you can use the CSS to close cash deals?  Join us for this session and finally master the CSS and see how you can put it to work for your company.  This class will cover configuration and user training and, template setup and cash closings using old HUD vs. CSS. 

 7:00   RamQuest Customer Appreciation Event: An Evening at the Dallas World Aquarium
           (click here for more information)

Wednesday, March 9                                                                                                                               

 8:00 - 9:15     Closing Breakfast - What's Next For RamQuest?
 9:15- 10:30    Concurrent Sessions - Group 8

Social Media: The Next Steps
So you have the basics of social media down…you know about and are set up on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.  But what is next? How do you effectively use these social media networks for your business?  Join us for this session that will explore the next steps…how to create “noise” and how to build awareness for your company using social media tools.

The Doctor Is In:  How to Know When You Need a RamQuest Rx House Call
You may have heard about RamQuest Rx but are not sure what it is.  Join the RamQuest Rx team for this class that will explain the various services available and why they would benefit your operation including Automated CCE Database Backups in SQL Express, Upgrade Service, Server Health Review, PaperlessCloser Multiple Site Setup, PaperlessCloser Security Review and Server Moves.

CCE New Version Bells & Whistles
Join us for this demonstration of the new features included in RamQuest’s Complete Closing version 7.0 and how they can be used to boost performance in your organization.

2010 HUD Update
This session will offer a refresher of the 2010 HUD-1 for new users and will take a look at what has happened/changed since our last RQUG meeting.  We will discuss how to handle being out of tolerance and review our top 2010 HUD-1 support questions.

 10:30        Conference Concludes 






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