Our informative Round Table discussions are designed for peer-to-peer conversation on topics impacting your title company each and every day. Indicate your choices on your registration form for the Round Table Topics below.

Server Environments – Join this discussion about implementing servers in varying environments. Bring your success stories as well as your challenges as we talk about operating systems, deployment methods, registry issues, performance issues and more.

Let's Talk Lender Collaboration – How are you collaborating with your lenders?  Join us as we talk about what works, what doesn’t and share Best Practice ideas for making this new mandate work.

Is My Company Working Effectively – Share tips and tricks to streamline operations.

Staying Compliant – By now, you’ve already taken steps to be compliant with ALTA Best Practices. With ongoing training, maintaining updated written procedures and all the other nuances of Best Practices, how do you plan to stay compliant? 

Effective Training – Join us as we discuss various aspects of training, from adding new users to larger-scale conversions and implementations. What methods have others successfully used to meet their training needs? Are there products or procedures that can help make this task more efficient? 

File Tracking/File Flow – Tracking and File Flow are valuable tools for managing workload and knowing where in the process a file is. Are you getting the most out of them? Join this insightful discussion about these tools and how they can be used in today's title operations.

op2 Customers – Join other op2 users for this chance to network, share ideas and brainstorm about new ideas and new ways to use features and functionality of your solution.

Managing Multi State Operations - It can be tricky managing operations across multiple states. Join us as we share tips and tricks and ways to use your RamQuest solution to make managing tasks, documents, securities and more for this type of operation.

Do you know FinCEN? – The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has expanded Geographic Targeting Orders to include New York, Florida, California and Texas and the area is continually growing. Join us for this discussion of the impact of FinCEN on title agencies.

RamQuest One JAD SessionMany of the new features or tweaks to existing features in your RamQuest software come from ideas generated in these kinds of discussions in years past. This is your opportunity to take the ideas floating around in your head about how to improve your RamQuest One solution and share them.

Commercial Transaction Table – Join this discussion to pick up tips on how to handle multiple properties and more title exceptions. Do you use the 2 page HUD or the CSS?  Share your ideas for what works best for your company in these situations.

Foreclosure and REO – If your operation handles Foreclosures and REOs you know that the standard RamQuest setup will not always work for your needs. Take this opportunity to talk to your peers about how they use the tools in their RamQuest solution to meet their unique set of needs and share your tips and tricks for success!

Vendor Demo Sessions - New this year to our Round Table discussions will be Vendor Demo Sessions. This is your chance to see a full product demonstration, hosted by a few of our providers, of these integrated Closing Market solution. Not only will this give you an opportunity to see these integrations in action, you will also have a chance to ask these experts all of your questions related to their offering! These 4 sessions will be offered concurrently as part of our Monday Round Tables (which means you will have to choose between them since you can only attend one!). If you want to attend one of these, just mark your choice as one of your top 2 Round Table topic choices to secure your spot!

  • reQuire - Are you following up on your payoffs to make sure the release is effectively recorded on the land records?  Most loans that the settlement agent closes are sold to the secondary market which requires clear and marketable title.  If you do not have a system to follow up, then you are not in compliance.  Do you encounter title defects on your commitment preventing you from moving forward on your closing due to unreleased liens and missing assignments?  Learn how to utilize reQuire’s integration in ClosingMarket to assist your office with these time consuming tasks.

  • NotaryLoop - Come see the NotaryLoop Demo Session! Dave Conway, Director of IT, will be hosting this demonstration of NotaryLoop, a suite of notary software tools that allows you to connect and collaborate with your preferred notary vendors and signing services from within the RamQuest software. Demonstration highlights will include: Placing orders directly from RamQuest software to any notary signing service; connecting to your preferred notary services from within RamQuest; eiminating potential re-keying errors; sending and receiving documents within your production software' and reducing phone calls and email. For more information about our demo session, please feel free to contact us at: info@notaryloop.com

  • ZOCCAM - DRIVE SUCCESS. NOT CHECKS. ZOCCAM provides a secure, simple method for earnest money and contract delivery resulting in decreased liability by eliminating manual deposits. Upon receipt the metadata is pushed into Closing Market to open the order. Our app provides an enhanced experience for your Realtors and buyers by allowing them to send earnest money anytime from anywhere. ZOCCAM’s notifications, which are sent to all parties upon deposit, keep your brand in front of the consumer and Realtors, and provide transparency. Learn how ZOCCAM is bridging the gap between the Title Company and the Consumer by attending this demo session given by Ashley Cook, CEO and Founder of ZOCCAM. 

  • ePN - How do you reconcile collected recording fees and taxes with the actual fees and taxes?  We invite you to join ePN to see how our integration with Closing Market can give you a tool to help with this process.   And speaking of processes, are you taking advantage of the event status messages that ePN can provide?  Learn how you can improve your workflow but utilizing these features of the ePN/Closing Market integration.

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