Terms and Conditions of Use for the RamQuest User Group, “RQUG” Web Site (www.rqug.org)

RQUG.org is a private site, managed and hosted by RQUG, its Committee, and its Members, for authorized customers of RamQuest. During the RQUG registration process you will be asked to provide both personal information and information regarding your institution. Personal contact information is required by RQUG to effectively manage the User Group site, (www.rqug.org). RQUG may use personal contact information to communicate User Group and other RQUG or RamQuest related information to members via telephone, email or in writing. This communication is a benefit of User Group registration. You may elect to not have this information shared with other RamQuest User Group members by selecting the appropriate box on the registration form. Please note, however, that in order to post content to the Forum, your user name will be available for other users to reference you. This will allow members who do not wish to display their information in the Member Directory to participate in the forums while keeping their personal and institution information private.

By accessing or using any portion of this site:

You agree to never use obscene, foul, offensive, or racist language when communicating with other RQUG members (including, but not limited to, forums, chat, news, messages, etc).

You agree that you will never post any of the following types of material (including the URL/location of such material, or requests for such material) to any RQUG website, forum, or server:

  • Commercial advertisements (you cannot use RQUG as free advertising).
  • Unsubstantiated/irrational insults or prejudice directed at certain group of people, such as racism.
  • Pornography. The reason for this is that some RQUG members may be underage/minors.
  • Illegal material or anything encouraging illegal activity.
This agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States of America.
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